Grow Your Knowledge and Elevate Your Capabilities With the Datto Academy

By Jeff Reinholtz

Each year, we are faced with new challenges — the projects facing MSPs keep growing bigger and more complex. Tackling these obstacles often means asking important questions:

  • What is driving our business?
  • How are we managing our MSP practice?
  • What do our clients expect of our abilities to successfully fill their needs?

Datto Academy is a learning site made just for our Partners — come here for essential information and training, so you can maximize your Datto devices and services.

The Datto Certification program from Datto Academy increases value for you and your team: It validates broader and deeper skills in specific areas to maintain your company's relevance in a growing industry, so you can improve your onboarding efficiency and increase marketability. Datto Certifications set you apart from the competition, which helps you to attract new clients to your MSP practice.

Within the Certification curriculum, you will be presented with:

  • a practice assessment
  • various eLearnings
  • a final assessment.

Taking the practice assessment, eLearning courses, and any webinar sessions is recommended but not required to earn your certificate. To earn the certificate, you must complete the final assessment with a passing grade (grades will be listed within the final assessment). You can take the final assessment at any time if you feel comfortable with your level of knowledge.

Once you have passed the final assessment, congratulations! You will be “Datto Certified” in that product, at that level.

Latest certification in the partner portal

Deployment specialist certification is now available for PSA!

Autotask-PSA has been designed to create a unified pane of glass for MSP people, processes and data. With this Datto Academy course, you will gain a better understanding of how to optimize running your business.

The Datto Certified Deployment Specialist (DCDS) for PSA will offer students a challenging, yet rewarding learning experience. The curriculum focuses on key areas of PSA, including:

  • CRM
  • Contracts
  • Projects
  • Service Desk
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Admin

Autotask-PSA is a highly flexible product, and this intermediate skill level course will give students the technical skills to understand how to optimize the MSP experience. It is ideal for MSP professionals looking to understand how a centralized operations experience can drive efficiencies, by leveraging automation in business critical topics. Students who complete this course will gain valuable insight into how to best leverage critical components of Autotask-PSA.

DCDS for Autotask-PSA students will enjoy an enhanced understanding of Autotask PSA through this course’s first-of-its-kind, hands-on learning experience. Students will get the opportunity to assess their knowledge in the interactive lab portion of the course — this learning enhancement has been designed to allow students to try the model that they have learned in the application. For hands-on learners, this course enables you to apply what you have learned as you progress through it.

Professionals who are responsible for project management, systems administration, operations, billing and finance are ideal roles for PSA deployment specialist certification from Datto.

Are you already enrolled in Datto Academy? Click here to gain access to this course.

Visit here to view the full list of certifications available to partners. 

*To access this certification on the Datto Academy, you must have a Partner Portal account. Go to You will be prompted to login via 2FA, and you will be brought to the Academy dashboard. From there, you can find the Datto Certified Practitioner - Networking certification curriculum under Featured Courses. If you do not have a Partner Portal account, this above link will result in an error. Simply reach out to your internal admin to get an account created. Once created, you can then go back to and follow the steps outlined above. If you are unsure if you have access to the partner portal please contact your partner success manager.

Accessing the Datto Academy

This quick 45 second video will show you how to access the Datto Academy.

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